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Written and directed by Julien Paolini
Production : Olivier Lamy - Arcibal
Studios Lamy
For: Believe, Excuse my French
Production assistant : Elsa Lamy
1st AD : Marie Féréol
Actors : Souleymane Sylla, Sandra Seghir
Eyden Vouidibio, Gaël Faye, Flavia Coelho
Director of Photography : Hadrien Vedel
1st AC : Charlie Renier
2nd AC : Gustin Guillaume
Set design : Lisa Paolini
Constructors, manufacturers : Laura Inchelin, Julien Betous
Location manager : Solène Boulanger
Casting : Shaguy Mwenzi
Stylist : Mathieu Calvel
Make up : Amélie Salomon
Gaffer : Baptiste Hennequin
Assistant gaffer : Oscar Cozic Bop
Grip : Yoan Amouroux
Editing : Raphael Lubczanski Raphalu
Coloring : JC Savelli, Serial B

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